Zolo Liberty+ Truly Wireless Headphones review: Fantastic battery life but mediocre audio

Anker has been making high quality mobile accessories and selling them at a reasonable price for years. Their audio brand, Zolo, is in on this action too: The

company’s first truly wireless headphones, the $150 Zolo Liberty+, are indeed reasonably priced. You’ll get the longest lasting battery life of any truly wireless earphones that I’ve tested so far. However, connectivity issues and mediocre sound mean you might not want to listen for too long.


In-ear headphone design doesn’t vary much—the things have to be shaped to fit into a user’s ears, after all—but Zolo did well in this area. The Liberty+ comfortably fit into my ears right out of the box, and even if it hadn’t, Zolo includes three different ear tip sizes and four pairs of ‘Grip Fit’ sleeves to create a good seal and keep the earphones in place.

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