Your gluten free diet isn’t actually free of gluten

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Avoiding gluten has become a bit of a diet fad in the past couple of years, but only 1% of the entire population actually has a good reason to avoid it: celiac disease. Nevertheless, it's become trendy to nix gluten whenever given the chance, but a new study reveals that not only are most "gluten free" foods not actually gluten free, but the amount of gluten consumed by people on supposedly gluten-free diets can easily exceed the amount that would cause issues for someone who actually suffers from celiac disease.

The researchers analyzed the diets of a number of individuals, including some which have celiac disease and some who don't, to get an idea of how much gluten they are actually consuming. The average adult who doesn't go out of their way to avoid gluten ingests anywhere between 5 grams and 15 grams of gluten per day. Meanwhile, those with celiac disease can see symptom flares from as little as 50 milligrams of gluten, which makes it clear why they need to adhere to special diets.

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