Your dog knows exactly what it’s doing when it gives you that look

puppy dog eyes

If you're a dog owner, you've probably long suspected that your pup has learned exactly how to push your buttons, but new research out of the University of Portsmouth proves that not only do dogs know how to get what they want from you, but from humans in general. The study, which was conducted by the university's Dog Cognition Centre, provides evidence that canines are masters of facial expression, and they're not shy about using it on humans.

Animals, and more specifically mammals, use facial expressions for communication just like they do with vocalizations, there's a difference between a fearful stare or excited eye movement and the kind of emotional manipulation that humans are able to pull off based on knowing who is looking at them. Now, the data shows that dogs have the same skill, and will not just express emotion based on their own feelings, but also take into account who it is that is looking at them.

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