(credit: Yandex)

An employee of Russia's Internet giant Yandex, Dmitry Korobov, stole the source code of its search engine and tried to sell it on the black market to fund his own startup, according to a report by the Russian newspaper Kommersant. A Russian court has found Korobov guilty and handed down a suspended sentence of two years in jail.

The Kommersant investigation revealed that Korobov downloaded a piece of software codenamed Arcadia from Yandex's servers, which contained the source code and algorithms of the company's search engine. Later on, he tried to sell it to an electronics retailer called NIX, where a friend of his allegedly worked. Korobov also trawled the darknet in search of potential buyers.

Korobov put a surprisingly low price on the code and algorithms, asking for just $25,000 and 250,000 Russian rubles, or about £27,000 in total. There's no information on Korobov's position within the company, but it appears that he wasn't aware that the data he had in his possession could be worth much more.

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