The Wall Street Journal, citing the ever-popular “unnamed sources,” claims the second-generation Apple Watch will feature a faster “S2” processor, as well as its own built-in cellular connectivity.

WSJ: Apple Watch 2 to Offer Cellular Connectivity, Faster Processor

Built-in LTE connectivity would be a major plus for the second-generation Apple Watch, as the current iteration requires a connection to an iPhone in order to retrieve data via a cellular connection. Cellular connectivity could make the wearable device more attractive to users interested in the device for fitness uses, as an LTE radio, along with a GPS receiver, would allow for more accurate fitness tracking, without the need for also carrying a tethered iPhone.

As for a faster “S2” processor, that is a safe bet, as the current S1 chip has resulted in a device that many believe to be underpowered, and slow when running native apps written for watchOS 2, which was released last fall. A faster processor would allow developers to better exploit the abilities of the Watch, without worrying about possible processing delays for tasks performed on-board the Watch.

The Journal also indicates Apple sold double the amount of Apple Watch units in its first 12 months of existence, than the company did in the first year of availability for the iPhone, launched in 2007. The publication is using analyst estimates for that claims, as Apple does not officially announce Apple Watch sales numbers.

The new “Apple Watch 2” is widely expected to retain the same outside appearance as the first-gen device, while improving internal components, such as a better battery, faster processor, and an improved display, with better outdoor visibility. The new Watch is expected to be introduced later this year, but an exact date hasn’t been nailed down.

(Via AppleInsider)