Enlarge / Intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI) (credit: Dovidena )

Usually, it’s just parents who anxiously await test results from their fertility doctors. But for one particular IVF clinic in the Netherlands, the doctors, too, are sweating this one.

After technicians at Utrecht's University Medical Center reproductive technology clinic discovered a problem with a rubber apparatus used in a fertility treatment, the clinic and 26 couples are nervously waiting to see if eggs were fertilized with the wrong sperm. Half of the couples had their fertilized eggs frozen, while the other half are either pregnant or have already had their babies. The oldest baby affected by the rubber apparatus fiasco is around one year old.

“In each of these cases there is a small risk—small but it cannot be ruled out—that during the procedure, sperm cells of the mother’s own partner have been mixed with remaining sperm from a previous procedure,” center spokesperson Paul Geurts told the New York Times.

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