Workout Trainer: Personal Fitness Coach App


The Workout Trainer app by Skimble, is a fun fresh workout, with step-by-step audio, photos and video instructions to assist in getting and keeping you in shape.

It’s a new year, and time to put away those extra pounds from the holiday feast over the last couple of months. If you enjoy working out alone and in the comfort of your home from time to time, visit iTunes for a free app called “Workout Trainer: Personal Fitness Coach ” just download it on your Apple device. Some of the features in the app include: exercise photos and videos to show you how to lose weight, tone, and build muscle. You can schedule reminder notices on your Apple devices when to workout, weekly workout challenges, perfect your exercise form with Exercise 10, share your exercise workout via Text Message, Email, and other social medias. Plus new programs are added often, custom training programs are available to assist in helping you meet your goal. In addition, you can play your favorite music while working out.

What’s new for 2017? now you can own your workout with a real trainer for as low as $30 a week, this way you can stay on track and reach your goal faster with the support of a dedicated trainer. The app allows you to browse through hundreds of real coaches, you can select a real personal trainer with the flexibility and affordability from the comfort of your home/office. Note: Mild profanity, and crude humor is present.

This app is designed for the iPhone, the Apple Watch via the iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. The Workout Trainer: Personal Fitness Coach requires iOS 8.0 or later. Version 6.5, was last updated Dec. 2016.

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