With Mr. Robot’s Joanna Wellick at her meanest, luckily the cast could laugh

The last episode of Decrypted, our Mr. Robot podcast, for S2. (video link)

Warning: This piece contains spoilers for the recent season finale of Mr. Robot as well as the show's entire second season.

Continuing the trend of S2 at large, Mr. Robot's recent season finale may have provided more questions than answers for the series moving forward. However, this latest episode did include one extremely satisfying pay-off: the calculating Joanna Wellick finally revealed her long game.

Wellick's season-spanning arc full of security henchmen, younger DJs, and odd encounters with Elliot finally made sense after her latest encounter with E-Corp CTO Scott Knowles. If you recall, Wellick's husband (Tyrell) killed Knowles' wife (Sharon) towards the end of S1 before disappearing after the 5/9 hacks. And to clear her husband of all charges, Wellick essentially identified the DJ from that night, seduced him over several months, confronted Knowles and coaxed him into attacking her, and then used her bruises as leverage with the DJ to request that he testify to the cops about seeing Knowles fleeing the crime scene.

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