Will Apple Move To A Three Year Cycle For The iPhone?

apple logo 2According to asia.nikkei.com, the report states Apple will likely take three years between full model changes on their iPhone devices.

This change could be because of the market being slower, and the margin for enhancing iPhones has also shown small growth development. To confirm the report, the changes for the upcoming fall iPhone will be minor, the only change should be in the improvement of the camera quality. The report goes on to state the next major iPhone launch would be in 2017. The 2017 iPhone model could have major changes such as: a redesign look not only on the outside, but updates in redesign internally as well.

This new shift in Apple’s iPhone cycle could also have a major affect on manufacturer countries such as, Japan, Taiwan, and other Asian countries who rely on production revenue from the iPhone. Already changes have started in production, this year Apple’s production schedule provided to suppliers, is not expected to sell more iPhones this year, as compared to last year.


Resource info: asia.nikkei.com

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