iPhone Vs Android

While everyone is understandably excited about the iPhone 8 and its edgeless OLED display, hardware won't be the only compelling new offering from Apple this year. At WWDC this year, Apple introduced ARKit, a new suite of tools and frameworks that allows developers to create absolutely mind boggling augmented reality experiences with relative ease. Ever since Apple rolled out the first beta of iOS 11, developers have been busy putting together a seemingly endless stream of ARKit powered demos, each one more impressive than the last.

What makes Apple's AR play all the more compelling and strategic is that users won't need Apple's top of the line iPhone in order to enjoy augmented reality apps. In fact, any iPhone released after 2015 -- including the iPhone 6s and the iPhone SE -- will be able to run ARKit powered apps with no problem. Google's Project Tango, in stark contrast, requires specialized hardware and is not supported by the vast majority of Android devices out on the market.

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