Why bookmark logo icons disappear in Safari

TK Oates writes in with a commonly seen problem:

When I logged in at the CPH [Copenhagen, Denmark] airport for their free Wi-Fi, many of my Safari icons were changed to the airport logo. How do I change them back?

This is the heartbreak of portal pages, something you’d think would be solved after about 15 years of publicly available Wi-Fi networks that use interception technology to require you to accept terms of service, watch an ad, log in, or make a payment to use the network.

That interception page breaks the domain naming system (DNS) process that turns human-readable names (like macworld.com) into the underlying IP addresses that are the lifeblood of the Internet. Any domain that’s typed in gets intercepted and effectively redirected to the locked-down portal page until you make the right choice. (Choose wisely!)

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