After its early demise was announced earlier this summer, Altspace appears to be back for good. However, there are still great alternatives to discover.

In the massive spectrum of apps you can experience in VR, social VR is often the most interesting. So many games played on consoles and phones are deeply social now, with multiplayer as the default and exciting ways to share games together in person, but doing all of that in VR is a little more complicated. Not every headset lets you get up and walk around, but every VR experience in a virtual room with someone else is a unique opportunity to explore a new world with new friends.

After revealing its plans to shut down in early August, AltspaceVR has announced it won't actually be disappearing any time soon. Following a wave of fan feedback, the team is now in talks with "others who passionate about AltspaceVR," in an attempt to keep the service running into the near future. However, what's to come for the service is still relatively uncertain and to be seen in the months ahead. Even with Altspace's return, there are still several other great social experiences to try. These are some of our favorites!

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