What To Expect From The Apple Watch Series 3 Battery Life

The Apple Watch Series 3 battery life is said to last up to 18 hours, but this time frame will vary depending on the user’s daily activities, and which Watch Series 3 you have.

Depending on which Apple Watch 3 you purchase will determine the amount of battery longevity, Many factors involved such as daily usage, and configuration, will all play a key factor in the user’s battery life. Expect the Watch Series 3 with LTE connection to have a shorter battery span, and for the battery to drain faster. The cellular connection without the iPhone will only last 1 hour of talk time, whereas with the iPhone expect about 3 hours of talk time.

For workout time indoors and outdoors using the LTE and GPS connection, expect about 4 hours of battery life. Without LTE,  you can estimate to have an additional hour of workout time, so expect about 5 hours. If you have the Apple Watch without LTE, the average battery time will be up to 10 hours.

For Audio playback using the Watch Series 3 via Bluetooth, paired with an iPhone, users can expect up to 10 hours, considering other varying factors, so actual results will vary.

Apple states that the Watch Series 3 will charge up to 80 percent in an hour and 30 minutes, and will charge to 100 percent in two hours. The Apple Watch Series 3 price starts at $329 for the Series 3 GPS, and $399 for the GPS + Cellular. Depending on the watchband, the cost can go up to $749.  The Watch Series 3 will be available for purchase on September 22. To order visit: Apple.com

Source: Apple

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