What to do when Firefox won’t quit, and does Apple read crash feedback?

Frederic Ze asks an existential question about the nature of Apple’s feedback systems:

Almost consistently each time I want to quit Firefox it fails to do so. I have to use the Command-Option-Escape technique to force it to quit. Following this I would be prompted to Inform Apple, which I of course do, but I wonder what good that process really does. Sometimes if I let it “hesitate” for up to a minute it will finally quit.

I used to use Firefox, and finally gave up on because it has serious memory leak issues in OS X, even this many years under development. What that means is that after using the browser for minutes to hours, it would eat up system resources, become non-responsive, and often require me to force quit, as you’ve had to do. With one release maybe a year or two ago, I had to force quit every time, though that problem went away.

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