Westworld season 2: “The puppet show is over and we are coming for you”

Enlarge / “This world doesn‘t belong to you. It belongs to us.” (credit: HBO)

Ars was on the list of sites to receive advance screeners for the first five episodes of Westworld’s second season, and this preview was written after having watched those episodes. This piece will not spoil anything for Westworld’s second season (with the exception of referencing a few scenes in the season two trailers), but it does assume total familiarity with all of the first season’s twists. There will be season one spoilers galore. Reader beware!

All right, everybody. Bring yourselves back online. Here we go.

Westworld’s second season premieres on the evening of April 22, and to call the premiere “anticipated” would be substantially underselling things—though I might just be projecting my own feelings, based on how much I loved the first season. (I loved it a lot, even though you can listen to me being ultra-wrong about several theories on our first-season podcast).

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