Welcome Annalee Newitz, here to put some culture in your tech/science

If you like Ars' coverage of science, you've undoubtedly been thrilled by having Eric Berger and Beth Mole join the staff here. If you had a hard time imagining that things could get better, then prepare to expand your imagination: as of this week, we're happy to welcome Annalee Newitz to the Ars staff!

Annalee's official title will be Tech Culture Editor, giving her a broad remit when it comes to what she writes about. Technology, culture, and science have an intricate relationship, each having a profound influence on the others. Understanding how that influence flows and how we can study and possibly shape it is a significant challenge.

Fortunately, it's a challenge that Annalee is phenomenally well-equipped to handle. After getting a PhD in English and American Studies (from the finest graduate institution in the world, I might add), she received a Knight Science Journalism Fellowship that allowed her to study at MIT. She's been an analyst for the Electronic Frontier Foundation and has published in places ranging from The Smithsonian Magazine to Popular Science.

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