We found a deleted page that reveals the paparazzi roots of Kodak Coin

Enlarge / A screenshot from the crowdfunding page for the RYDE initial coin offering. The page touted the success of RYDE creator WENN Media in the paparazzi business. Now Kodak has licensed its brand to WENN to create Kodak Coin. (credit: WENN Media)

Kodak's stock price has tripled since Tuesday as the company announced plans to develop a new blockchain-based digital rights management platform for photographers. Called KodakOne, the new platform, which isn't available yet, will allow photographers to publicly register their rights in digital photographs on an immutable blockchain.

The platform will include a digital currency called Kodak Coin that will be used to make licensing payments. There's an initial coin offering scheduled for January 31.

"KodakOne provides continual Web crawling in order to protect the IP of its members," the KodakOne website says. "Where unlicensed usage of images is detected, KodakOne can efficiently manage the post-licensing process."

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