If you’ve ever been curious about Apple’s iPhone, and iPad always displaying a time of 9:41 in ads, we’ll tell you why the company has chosen to use this specific time on its devices.

A few years ago, Business Insider released a report explaining why Apple sticks to using 9:41 as the display time on some of its devices, and the reason behind it actually makes sense.

Back in 2007, when Steve Jobs announced the first iPhone, the time was 9:42 AM. Many pictures were taken of Jobs holding the iPhone while the phone displayed the time 9:42 AM.

In 2010, when Jobs unveiled the first iPad, the time was 9:41 AM. Since then the iPhone, and iPad have always featured the time 9:41.

As for the Apple Watch, the wearable displays a time of 10:09 on all its product shots. Many watchmakers choose 10:10 to ensure that their logo can be seen and having the hands at 10:10 is symmetrical. However, Apple has taken a slightly different approach, no one knows the reason for this but it’s speculated that Apple set the time a minute earlier to show that Apple Watch is ahead of the game while others speculate it’s more symmetrical than 10:10.

These set times can be seen in any ad that features the iPhone, iPad, or Apple Watch. If you want to know more about this you can read Business Insider’s entire article.

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