Wall Street Predicts 47.8M iPhone Sales From Apple’s Sept. Quarter

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With Apple’s September results approaching ever so fast, many investors are eager to see what Apple will report next Tuesday. With that said, Wall Street made some predictions along with Gene Munster on how many iPhones Apple moved for the September quarter.

As reported in another post we did that Fortune had provided, brings us to Wall Street and Gene Munster of Piper Jaffray predictions, which was revealed in a closed research note. In addition, it seems that most investors expect Apple to report revenue of $51 billion and a gross margins around 39.3% for the three-month period.

Looking over to the iPhone numbers, sales of 47.8 million units would simply pass the 39 million Apple sold in the same quarter as of last year, which was documented in the note. Furthermore, Wall Street is expecting sales of 5.7 millions Macs and 10.5 million iPads for this period. Doing a little comparison, Apple moved 5.5 million Macs and 12.3 million iPads during the September quarter in 2014.

Looking over to Gene Munster’s estimates and predictions, we see that he expects revenue to be as high as $51.5 billion and margins of 39.5%, with sales roughly around 48 to 49 million iPhones. Jumping to the December quarter, Munster noted that most investors expect iPhone sales will be down year-over-year (YoY). However, Munster doesn’t agree that Apple will be under with iPhone sales, which he noted that ” We continue to believe that the iPhone 6s cycle will not be as bad as investors expect.” He believes that the iPhone sales will grow 2% year-over-year during the holiday quarter.

We will be sure to update you on Apple’s report call, which will take place on Tuesday.

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