Vermont utility says it will be the first to install Tesla powerwalls in the US

(credit: Tesla, Green Mountain Power)

Customers of Green Mountain Power (GMP) in Vermont will be the first in the US to have Tesla Powerwall stationary batteries installed in their homes, according to the utility. Tesla’s home battery was announced in late April this year and attracted nearly 38,000 reservations in the first week after it was announced.

GMP says it will receive 500 7kWh Powerwalls in early 2016 with shipments starting in January. It will initially install the daily cycling batteries in the homes of 10 pilot customers, and then the utility will open order and installation to all customers.

Back in September, Tesla said that it would start providing Powerwalls for pilot installations, with power company SunEdison beginning installations in Australia in November. Tesla said 7kWh Powerwalls would be shipped first since those batteries have a chemistry that is made for daily cycling (filling up the battery from solar panels and using that power to run your home at night, for example). The 10kWh Powerwalls will not be shipped until later next year—these larger-capacity batteries will have a chemistry suited for backup use in case of a power failure, rather than daily use. Tesla has been clear that third-party installers will be the intermediary getting Powerwalls to individual consumers. Tesla only directly handles the installation and management of so-called “Powerpacks,” which are built for industrial- and utility-grade customers.

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