iPhone 7 Plus camera

Anybody who is thinking about upgrading to the iOS 10.1 in a couple of weeks, will definitely have a little more of an advantage with its dual lens camera, to create a better and greater sense of the depth in their pictures.

Now since the iPhone 7 Plus’s camera has a 2x optical zoom, it allows users to get more up close and personal shots versus any other previous iPhone out there. Meaning you can take a lot more clearer and professional shots of faraway buildings, flowers, sunsets and more; And it will still look like you’re really up close to it.
Of course though the new iOS 10.1 won’t be released until somewhere around late October, but you can still try to be a part of Apple’s Beta Software Program, which will allow you to have early access of testing out the newer update, so you can get all the new special features of the iPhone 7 Plus camera.

Here’s a video about all its specs and how to use it, which showcases all of the cool new and fancy additions that Apple will be adding, such as the improved focusing, portrait mode, bokeh effect and more, so you know exactly how and what to use with the new update.

For more information on how to take pictures with your iPhone 7 Plus camera on a iOS 10.1, you can visit CNet for more details.

Source info: CNet

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