United Airlines has announced that it will equip more than 6000 of its customer service representatives serving its U.S.-based hubs with Apple’s iPhone 6 Plus. United says the devices will allow employees to provide information in a quick and convenient fashion.

United Airlines to Equip 6000+ Customer Service Representatives with an iPhone 6 Plus

The airline will begin rolling out the iPhone 6 Plus devices to its in-airport reps next year. Once they are in the representative’s hands, they will be used to assist customers who have already checked into their flights with a number of pre-departure options.

Services offered will include printing of boarding passes and baggage tags, and assisting customers with alternate flight options. United plans to extend the abilities of the iPhone program going forward, as it plans to offer full check-in capabilities in airport lobbies, offering customers much the same capabilities as traditional airport kiosks.

The new initiative is an expansion of last years effort by United Airlines to put the iPhone 6 Plus into the hands of its flight attendants. That successful program allows attendants to handle more onboard retail transactions via the iPhone, while also offering the employees access to their company email, the company’s Intranet, and more.

United Airlines was among the first to begin providing iPads to pilots in 2011. It updated the program last year, offering the iPad Air 2. The company also offers perks to its iOS device-using passengers, with an updated official app that provides passengers with free in-flight video content.