United Airlines-iPhone 6 Plus

United Airlines has decided to expand their relationship with Apple pass the iPads for pilots, and iPhones for flight attendants. Now United will supply customer representatives with iPhone 6 Plus.

United has decided to expand their use of the iPhone by providing more than 6,000 customer service reps with iPhone 6 Plus next year. United believes this will aid the customer representatives in better serving the customers, especially during high volume times, such as during the holiday schedule, and severe weather time. Agents using the iPhone 6 Plus will be able to assist customers by printing boarding passes and baggage tags anywhere in the airport. Agents will also be able to make last-minute flight changes, and offer other flight options that may better suit the customers needs, as well as assist in other issues relating to customer flight problems.

United Airlines believe expanding the use of the smartphone device with other applications will only enhance the services provided, and assist the agents in meeting the customers needs. This isn’t the first time United has used Apple products. In 2011, United exchanged the printed flight manuals used by pilots for the electronic version on the Apple iPad. Last year, United upgraded their pilots with the iPad Air 2, and in June of this year, 23,000 flight attendance received iPhone 6 Plus that replaced their printed safety manuals, and to assist the flight attendance in processing in-flight food and drink sales.

Hopefully this trend will bring better services to the customer, and enhance the work environment for United Airlines employees. I’m sure many who will be using United Airlines in the coming future will look forward to having a smooth and quick adjustment if needed, especially during the upcoming holiday schedule and winter months. Bon Voyage.

Source info: cnet.com, macworld.com

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