I’ve been using Unclutter on my Mac for awhile now, it’s a handy utility that stores files, notes, and your clipboard in a hidden spot at the top of your desktop, making it easy to quickly access your much-used information.


I’ve forgotten to share Unclutter with MacTrast readers, and that’s bad on me. It’s a handy little utility, developed by indie developer Eugene Krupnov, that I think many Mac users will find useful, and right now it’s available for only $1.99 in the Mac App Store. (A 66% discount off of the app’s normal price.)

To open Clutter, you simply move your mouse pointer to the very top of screen and scroll down. (Usually a two-finger drag down on a trackpad, it depends on how your preferences are set.) You can then drag items from other applications to the top of screen to store them in Unclutter. It also stores your Mac’s clipboard contents, as well as any notes you might want to type or paste into its handy notepad.


Unclutter offers:

  • Instant, configurable access even in full screen mode
  • Full multi-display support
  • File Storage, to keep your Desktop clean from temporary files
  • Notes, to write down something quickly
  • Clipboard manager, to track what you copy and paste, browse clipboard history
  • Draggable cards that can stick on top of other windows
  • Files and notes auto-sync across all your Macs via Dropbox.
  • Retina display support
  • Light/Dark theme to match system appearance.

This isn’t a review, but I highly recommend Unclutter for Mac, especially at its current $1.99 price point. Unclutter is my handy little hidden drawer for my “stuff.”

Unclutter for Mac is available in the Mac App Store for a limited time price of $1.99. [GET IT HERE]