Unannounced 3rd-gen Chromecast gets sold at Best Buy, packs Bluetooth


Google's big October 9 hardware event is fast approaching, and that means we're deep into leak season for upcoming products. The headline announcement is expected to be the Pixel 3 smartphone, but Google usually announces around five different products at these events. Besides the phone, we're expecting a flagship Chrome OS tablet that doubles as a Pixelbook sequel, a "Google Home Hub" smart display, and now, how about a new Chromecast?

It appears the new "3rd gen" Chromecast is coming, and Reddit user GroveStreetHomie managed to actually buy one at a local Best Buy. Pictures posted by the user show the usual Chromecast hockey puck form factor with a new design—one that replaces the glossy body and Chrome logo with a matte body and a "G" logo. GroveStreetHomie claims that Best Buy's system correctly flagged the product with a street date of October 9, but the cashier rang the product up as a second gen Chromecast and allowed the customer to walk out the door with it. Apparently the new Chromecast can't even be activated yet since it depends on a newer version of the Google Home app, which isn't out yet.

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