Uh oh: Even hardcore Apple fans are refusing to pay the iPhone X’s sky-high price

iPhone X Launch

When Apple first unveiled the iPhone X during last month's big press conference, fans around the world immediately fell in love. The new hardware and display are stunning, and that all-screen design is a breath of fresh air after three consecutive years without any significant changes in the iPhone lineup. But many of those smiles would soon transform into looks of anguish when Apple finally revealed the iPhone X's price: The phone will cost $999 with just 64GB of storage, while the 256GB model will be available for $1,149. That's right, $1,149. For a smartphone.

Hot takes following the event were split pretty evenly where pricing is concerned. Some industry watchers were appalled by the pricing and they insisted that customers would be as well. Others shrugged it off and said it wouldn't matter because Apple fans will pay just about anything for new iPhones. We won't know how consumers feel about the iPhone X's price on a large scale until Apple reports its fiscal first and second quarter earnings next year, but it looks like even some hardcore Apple fans are refusing to cough up over $1,000 for an iPhone.

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