Uber, Lyft competitor Sidecar shuts down to “work on strategic alternatives”

Sidecar and its rivals, Lyft and Tickengo, hope to make carsharing in San Francisco more social and more efficient. (credit: Sidecar)

Rideshare and delivery company Sidecar announced on Tuesday that it would be shuttering its services at 2pm Pacific Time, December 31, 2015.

Sidecar was one of the pioneering rideshare services, along with Lyft and Uber, but the two latter companies have succeeded in securing extraordinary amounts of funding, whereas Sidecar hasn't had quite so many dazzling headlines. Sidecar helped drivers connect with individual passengers, organized carpools, and made deliveries. In May, Re/code reported, Sidecar began delivering medical marijuana to San Francisco residents if they had a doctor’s note.

Sidecar CEO Sunil Paul wrote on Medium today that the company is not dissolving completely but instead ending its primary services in order to "work on strategic alternatives and lay the groundwork for the next big thing.” A spokesperson for Sidecar told Ars the company would not elaborate on what the next big thing is, exactly.

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