Twitter on Wednesday announced another simplified login service for users of the fourth-generation Apple TV. The method, similar to one announced by Facebook late last month, uses Twitter’s own Digits service. The new login method is available to developers today.

Twitter to Offer Simpler App Logins for Apple TV Apps Using Its Digits Service

From the Digits Blog:

There needed to be a better way for users to log into apps on TVs without a standard input method. Now, with Digits, your users can now seamlessly and safely log into your Apple TV apps. All it takes is a few lines of code.

In the place of a password screen, Digit-enabled tvOS app will offer an authentication code. Users will enter the code at digits.com/appletv on a separate mobile device or computer, and the authentication process will complete, and any login-related settings and content will be enabled.

Twitter to Offer Simpler App Logins for Apple TV Apps Using Its Digits Service

Twitter’s solution, and that of Facebook’s nearly identical login method, allows Apple TV owners to avoid the tedious and cumbersome process of password entry via the Apple TV’s screen, using a single line of characters, accessed by scrolling back and forth via the device’s Siri Remote. Both systems could reduce app logins to mere seconds, compared to the minutes they can currently take.

Developers using Digits for logins in their tvOS apps will also be able to access Twitter’s Crashlytic service, to access both app crash data and user numbers.

To get Digits for tvOS, developers should download the latest Fabric Mac app. Docs for tvOS on how to get started are also available for viewing.