Twitter announced on Wednesday that it is bringing support for live 360-degree video to its live broadcasting service, Periscope. Users will look for the “Live 360” badge on videos found on Twitter or the Periscope app, and while viewing, use their finger or tilt/move their phone to scroll around on the screen. Desktop users can move around in the video by clicking and holding their mouse cursor on the video, and moving the cursor around.

Twitter Brings Support for 360-Degree Live Video to Periscope Live Video App

The new feature comes as Twitter continues to invest in live video, as it faces competition from Facebook and other live video services. The service boasts the Live 360 feature brings users “one step closer to actually being there” due to the ability to get a better view of what the broadcaster is seeing themselves.

Live 360 video isn’t just about taking you to places you’ve never been; it’s about connecting you with people and letting you experience something new with them.

With these videos, the broadcaster anchors the experience so you can be present with them from whatever environment they’re sharing from. When they smile, you’ll smile, and when they laugh, maybe you’ll laugh too.

Twitter Brings Support for 360-Degree Live Video to Periscope Live Video App

At the moment, Live 360-degree video is supported in the Periscope mobile apps, and on the desktop. Desktop support is not offered on all browsers, namely Safari, which doesn’t yet support the Live 360 feature.

Broadcasting 360-degree video is not yet available to all users, as the company is rolling it out slowly to a small group of partners. Users can apply to join the waitlist here. The new feature will roll out more broadly “during the coming weeks.” However, everyone can immediately view the new live video format.

(Via 9to5Mac)