Tune Sweeper 4 review: Slow performance hinders iTunes library utility

Tune Sweeper 4 (Wide Angle Software sells version 3 of this app in the Mac App Store) promises to be a one-stop fixer upper for iTunes libraries. It claims that it can:

  • Find duplicates
  • Download missing artwork
  • Remove missing tracks from an iTunes library
  • Find tracks on your Mac that aren’t in your library
  • Fix incorrect tags
  • Show you which tracks are Apple Music tracks
  • Display statistics about your iTunes library, and your listening habits

While Tune Sweeper does most of these, it is a real laggard. At launch, Tune Sweeper reads the iTunes Library.xml file, which is accessible to third-party apps. With my library of about 65,000 tracks, on a fast Retina iMac, it takes about 3 minutes and 45 seconds to read this file and display the main interface.

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