If you’re looking for a pad to put under your desk stand, Mac, keyboard or mouse, then Grovemade’s new wool felt desk pad would be the perfect choice for you, since you can just lay it under any of your devices or accessories that you have on your desk, to transform your stand into something completely different.

Now since it works kind of like a carpet for your desk, you can turn your office area into a modern workspace in a breeze, without actually having to go out of your way to decorate or reinvent your space.

Another interesting thing about the felt, is that it’s made from 3mm thick virgin merino wool with a small leather logo accent on the left side of it, that helps give your workspace better structure and class in a very subtle yet noticeable way. Making it just the right add-on for your computer area since it helps bring everything together without clashing with anything around it.

So if you’re interested in adding new decoration or accents to your office, then you can always be sure to check out Grovemade’s official website, where they’re currently selling their new wool felt for $99.00 in a color choice of dark grey or light grey.

Source: Grovemade

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