Top Apple blogger on the iPhone X’s notch: ‘Jony Ive either lost a bet or lost his mind’

iPhone X Features

The iPhone X is the best thing that has happened to the iPhone since the iPhone. Yet all everyone seems to be talking about is that unsightly notch. There’s no denying that the notch brings technological advancements to the iPhone not available on other smartphones. But Apple’s way of implementing the notch makes the user interface ugly. It’s the exact opposite of what we expected Apple to do. But hey, at least there was one surprise during the keynote.

I already showed you why I can’t defend the notch’s hideousness even though I’m buying the iPhone X on November 3rd when it's released. I’m hardly alone in this fight though, and most people agree that Apple’s notch isn’t cool. In fact, even some of Apple’s strongest defenders hate the notch.

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