Tired of waiting, Star Citizen guild gets a $45,000 refund

Enlarge / $45,000 seems a small price to pay for scenes like this... if that game ever actually comes out, that is.

Children that were born when Star Citizen was first announced are now approaching Kindergarten, but the extremely ambitious space simulation is currently struggling to get its third alpha version into backers' hands. Rather than continuing to wait, one group of impatient players has requested and apparently received a $45,000 refund for three of the game's $15,000 "completionist" packages, which included access to dozens of optional ship designs among other extras.

An anonymous representative of the player group, going by the handle Mogmentum, posted about the refund on the Star Citizen Refunds Reddit group, which includes stories from hundreds of other posters seeking smaller refunds for the oft-delayed game. "We sidelined many other great games and commercial opportunities waiting for Star Citizen, but in the end we can't wait any longer, and a new generation is joining also who have absolutely no interest," Mogmentum writes, alongside photo and video evidence of forum discussions confirming the refunds. Getting the money back took five weeks of persistent requests with support staff, the player said, alleging that the staffers "definitely try to delay you as much as possible in the hope you'll forget or give up."

A $45,000 refund is a drop in the bucket compared to the over $159 million Star Citizen has raised from over 1.8 million paying customers as of press time. That itself is a far cry from the $2 million Wing Commander creator Chris Roberts initially sought for the game in his 2012 crowdfunding effort.

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