Tim Cook and Siri Show Their Support for the Cerebral Palsy Foundation’s ‘Just Say Hi’ Campaign


Apple CEO Tim Cook continues to show his, (and Apple’s), support for equality with a video where he asks Siri how to start a conversation with a person who has a disability. The video is in support of the Cerebral Palsy Foundation “Just Say Hi” campaign.


In the clip, Cook uses Siri to ask how to start a conversation with someone who has a disability. Following the campaign, Siri replies: ‘It’s easy. Just say “hi”.’ You can try this on your iPhone or iPad as well. Siri will repeat the same thing.

Tim Cook and Siri Show Their Support for the Cerebral Palsy Foundation's 'Just Say Hi' Campaign

The campaign encourages people to “Just Say Hi” to begin talking with a person with a disability, the same way you would begin a conversation with anyone, by saying “hi!”

It’s a joy to have Tim Cook add his voice (and Siri’s) to our campaign. Tim’s combination of keen mind and kind heart is displayed every time that he communicates his vision to the world. We’re thrilled that his outreach now includes the “Just Say Hi” campaign.

Cook has long been known as a champion for human right and equality, and the video is just the most recent demonstration of that support. Cook was awarded a Human Rights National Visibility award October and will receive a Robert F. Kennedy award in the near future for his commitment to human rights and equality.

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