Tidy up Your Inbox with CleanEmail, Now 75% Off

We receive a ton of emails every day, and while not all of them are important, they still take up space in your inbox and can bury more pressing items, making for a stressful situation later on. That's why taking the time to tidy up your inbox is well worth the effort, and with CleanEmail, you can do so with minimal fuss—all for only $59.99.

CleanEmail uses powerful rules and filters that you define to efficiently segment your mailbox into relevant groups, allowing you to quickly identify emails with a few clicks. It's built to work from any major browser, on all email clients and on all devices for easy removal across devices and accounts. Plus, with a lifetime subscription, you can clean up to 5 email accounts with zero limitations. And, CleanEmail encrypts access details and removes data after 24 hours, so it never retains access to your information—giving you ultimate peace of mind.

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