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The latest apps that recently went free in the App Store includes: Temple Run 2, LVL Cam and Presentation Link. These apps won’t be free forever, so it’s best to jump on these free apps while they last.

The latest update for Temple Run 2 has gained a new Frozen Shadows region in addition to the original Sky Summit region. The Frozen Shadow is filled with icy terrain, posing new dangers and challenges to Scarlett Fox, Guy Dangerous and the rest of the crew.

temple run 2 frozen

You can get Temple Run 2: Frozen Shadows for free in the App Store.

LVL CAM helps with positioning photos with a white circle for alignment. The interface will turn from white to green when you have everything perfectly balanced. You can also capture photos manually or you can capture photos automatically with LVL CAM. The app also includes separate focus and exposure controls, a grid option, and a ghost option for lining up several of the same shots.

LVL Cam 1

You can get LVL CAM for free in the App Store.

Presentation Link allows you to populate your presentation with as many images and videos as necessary since Presentation Link’s powerful rendering has no problem with high demands. You can also attach audio files to specific slides. Hyperlinks can be added to help move through slides quickly, which comes in handy for non-linear presentations. Once you are done with your presentation, you can play it directly from your iPad or connect it to your TV or projector. You can also duplicate presentations and share them through email, Dropbox, iTunes File Sharing or YouTube.

presentation link 1

You can get Presentation Link for iPad for free in the App Store.

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