This passenger drone is real, and it’s already carrying people

passenger drone

We've seen a seemingly endless number of manned drone concepts already, from "flying taxis" in Dubai to the half-car, half-drone system Airbus dreamt up earlier this year. They're all great, but the vast majority of them are merely ideas, or if they do physically exist, they haven't reached the point where anyone would dream of climbing aboard. This week, a company called Passenger Drone came out of seemingly nowhere and unveiled its own two-person passenger aircraft that not only already exists, but even has successful manned flights under its belt.

The vehicle, which is called simply PassengerDrone — yes, that's the company name but without the space, so just stick with me here and we'll get through this — is powered by 16 individual motors paired with propellers, which the company says offers both stability and redundancy. But the most interesting thing about it is that, well, it doesn't actually look half bad.

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