This is the $20 Echo Dot accessory you had no idea you needed

Echo Dot Case

We’ve told you about the VAUX Cordless Home Speaker accessory for the Echo Dot a bunch of times. Simply drop in your Dot and it’s instantly transformed into a portable Alexa smart speaker like the Amazon Tap. Now, it’s time to check out an equally cool accessory that’s designed for the opposite purpose. The VAUX is great for using your Dot on the go, but the Mount Genie Flush Mount is designed to improve the way you use it at home. Specifically, it’s a flush mount that lets you install your Echo Dot in a wall. It looks awesome, and it even improves performance when you’re summoning Alexa from far away!

* PLEASE NOTE: Power is still needed for the device. Requires minor installation which is easy for most and includes wiring. (10’ USB and AUX adapter)
* Held in place with precise pressure fit and wire placement.
* The mount comes in bright white like most switch plates but can be easily painted if desired.
* Patent Pending "Sound Channel" provides un-muffled, crisp sound from built-in speaker.
* Compatible with most round speakers up to 3.4” diameter, including the Echo Dot 2nd Generation, ZOEE Aluminum Round, Smileto Mini Round, MindKoo Smart Wireless, and XinDingLi X1 360.

The Flush Mount – Built-in Wall or Ceiling Mount for Round Puck Speakers – Includes Wiring…: $19.99

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