MacStories wants Apple to fix all the things.

There are plenty of iOS 10 wish-lists and hopes floating around; I'm in the process of writing one for the iPad myself. But I don't know if anyone's going to be able to top MacStories: For the site's seventh birthday, founder Federico Viticci has created a truly monumental list of wanted iOS 10 features, paired with excellent concept art and a brilliant video.

For the past few months, I've been collaborating with Sam Beckett (author of a fantastic Control Center concept we linked to a while back) to visualize my iOS 10 wishes with a professional concept video and static mockups. Sam and I discussed my ideas for a couple of months, and he was able to visualize what I would like to have in iOS 10 – both for the iPhone and iPad – with a style and attention to detail I'm extremely happy with.

You can see Viticci and Beckett's excellent video below, but I also highly suggest reading the whole piece for fantastic suggestions to Control Center, multitasking, drag and drop, and more. I wouldn't be surprised if some of this stuff has been under discussion at Apple for quite some time, but I sure hope someone in Cupertino is paying attention to MacStories today.