This crazy device turns any TV into a touchscreen

Touchscreen TV

OK this is a seriously cool gadget and if you’ve never seen it before, prepare to have your mind blown. Ubi describes the Ubi Touch as a "portable interactive touch screen panel," which sounds pretty awesome and futuristic. But the actual device is even more awesome and futuristic than it sounds. It’s not really a "panel" at all. Instead, it’s a device that attaches to the top of any TV or monitor and instantly transforms it into a touchscreen device. Control on-screen elements with taps or swipes, and you can even draw using the included Ubi Pen!

Here are the key details from Amazon’s product page:

* Turn your TV into an interactive touchscreen
* Click, Swipe and draw very precisely with Ubi pen
* Easy setup and automatic calibration
* Free software for whiteboarding, annotating and document camera capturing
* Lightweight, compact and portable

Ubi Touch: Portable Interactive Touch Screen Panel: $296.86

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