You know the adage about a broken clock being right twice a day? That doesn’t explain Rob Enderle, the broken clock that’s somehow never right.

“Why the Smartwatch May Finally Take Off; or Not.” (Tip o’ the antlers to Sumocat.)

This time Rob is writing for TechSpective, which helpfully explains on their About page:

”TechSpective” is a mashup of the words “technology” and “perspective.”

No. Way. You just blew the Macalope’s mind, brah.

Wait, “blew” is the wrong word. Sucked. You sucked the Macalope’s mind.

The horny one was inclined to think that Rob is just making these sites up now, but it turns out that TechSplainin’ is the Island-of-Doctor-Moreau-but-with-words-esque creation of Tony Bradley. If you don’t remember Tony, he’s the intellectual Simon to Enderle’s Garfunkel, the Captain to Enderle’s Tennille, the “Is he serious with this crap?” to Enderle’s “You have got to be kidding me.” Way back in 2010, Bradley opined that Google, having killed the iPhone with the Nexus, would certainly soon kill the iPad as well. Because reasons. Then in 2014, he said Apple should bring its iOS and macOS integration features to Windows because… well, no reasons.

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