The search for alien life was just dealt a massive blow

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With the incredible number of galaxies that mankind can observe from its tiny little perch here in the Milky Way, we know there are an absolutely incredible number of planetary systems in the universe, and that means the possibility that alien life has evolved elsewhere in the cosmos is quite good. Unfortunately, new research suggests that some of the most promising places astronomers have been considering as potential life-supporting planets might not be all that friendly after all.

Past observations have suggests that planets closely orbiting red dwarf stars are one of the prime candidates for Earth-like worlds. The rocky planets hanging out within the cool stars' so-called habitable zone are much closer to their stars than Earth is to our Sun, but because red dwarf stars are much cooler than our own, it seemed likely that the two factors would cancel each other out. Now, a pair of research papers published in Astrophysical Journal Letters reveals that there is likely another, even bigger problem to consider: stellar wind.

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