The Redesign Magic Trackpad 2 For Mac

Trackpad 2

Apple has made a few changes with their Magic Trackpad 2, the new design is more polished, slimmer, and now sports a white glass surface, instead of the aluminum gray looking frame. You can expect better performance with Force Touch being added to Trackpad 2. 

The redesigned Magic Trackpad 2 has a posh up-to-date makeover, making it look more modern and connected to today’s advance technology. Not only has the look been updated, but the new technology Force Touch has been added. This new feature allows you to force click. You can force click by pressing on the trackpad and then applying more pressure. Using this technique you can take advantage of additional functionality in many apps and system features on the Mac. Some examples for using Force Touch are: Force click an address to see that location on Maps, or force click dates and events to add to Calendar, and force click an airline flight to get flight details. There are several other key factors that you can use to assist you as well such as – Files, Messages, GarageBand, File icons, Dock, Rotate photos, and much more.

The new makeover eliminated the big hump, and now sports a smooth flat surface, which includes a built-in battery that uses two AA batteries, and can be recharged via a Lightning port. Apple states you can use the Trackpad for at least a month or more before needing to recharge. Expect at least two hours to fully recharge. The flat glass surface has a hidden mechanism beneath the glass, which detects sensitive pressure sensors when touched anywhere on the surface that triggers a haptic response.

The Magic Trackpad 2 requires Bluetooth 4.0 with Mac running OS X 10.11 or later. You can expect to pay $129.00, and can purchase on this device at, or

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