The new Apple TV will reportedly arrive at Apple Stores on Friday

If you missed out on ordering an Apple TV online for delivery on Friday, there still might be some hope.

According to 9to5Mac, Apples retail stores have begun to receive shipments of the set-top box to place sale starting on Friday. Stores will be reorganized overnight on Thursday to help promote heavily revamped device.

Starting this morning, electronics retailer Best Buy also kicked offpreorders for the device within-store pickup or delivery starting on Wednesday, Nov. 4.

A 32GB model is $149 while a 64GB version is $50 more. The biggest addition to the device is true App Store support. Thanks to the new tvOS, youll able to download apps for the device.

The new Apple TV remote also plays a huge part in the overall experience. First up, pressing the microphone button will activate the long-awaited Siri support. With dual microphones, Siri is listening for you to say exactly what TV show or movie youd like to watch. The universal search functionality will show you what youre looking for and whether its available through iTunes, Netflix, or other services.

Sporting a fast 64-bit A8 processor and 2GB of RAM, users should also enjoy the heavily revamped user interface. Screens throughout the interface offer a parallax feature that help the movie and TV show posters come alive on the screen.

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