The iPhone XR FAQ: Everything you need to know about Apple’s new ‘budget’ iPhone

The iPhone XR represents what may be a change of heart for Apple. In the past, buying Apple’s “budget” alternative to its flagship phone releases usually involved living with some sort of sacrifice in features or build quality, saddling them all with a “last year’s news” stamp of inferiority. That reached an extreme in 2017, as the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus looked wildly different than the iPhone X, with its fancy Face ID, notch, and tiny bezels.

With the iPhone XR, though, Apple is effectively letting users pick up the same phone as the flagship model with a savings of $250. It still supports wireless charging and Face ID. It’s got the same processor. It even looks much the same. The only real difference is the type of display that’s used and the absence of a rear telephoto lens. Are those deal-breakers? We’ve made this guide to help you decide.

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