The iPhone X and iPhone 8’s ‘A11 Bionic’ is just a marketing gimmick

iPhone X vs. iPhone 8

Back in September 2013 when the iPhone 5s became the first smartphone in the world to sport a 64-bit processor, many were quick to call it a marketing gimmick, including Qualcomm. The truth was that Apple’s accelerated chip development sent the competition into panic mode, as it realized the advancements of the A7 chip were beyond anything they made. Qualcomm quickly retracted those comments and hurried to catch up.

Fast-forward to today, and all high-end smartphones have 64-bit chips, including every iPhone launched since the iPhone 5s. The A11 Bionic is hardly a marketing gimmick, and four years later Apple is still the undisputed leader in this business. But the name of the chip? That really is a marketing gimmick.

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