The iPhone 7 Finishes Last In Battery Test

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Unfortunately, Apple’s iPhones are known for having a poor battery life when compared to other smartphones. With the release of Apple’s latest phones, the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus, the company claimed to have improved the battery life, but a recent test shows Apple still needs to make improvements.

The Cupertino company has made powerful smartphones and continues to do so. The more affordable iPhone SE proved its power in several benchmarks and was considered to be successful despite being Apple’s “low-end” phone. Even though the company has proven that it’s a leader in the performance of its phones, the company has a lot of work to do on the iPhone’s battery life.

According to a UK device firm named Which, they were able to confirm that the iPhone 7’s battery life doesn’t compare to other rival smartphones, which includes the HTC 10, Samsung Galaxy S7, and LG G5.

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The test consisted of the phones making 3G voice calls and surfing the web using 3G. The iPhone 7 came in last place on both tests, and lasted less than half the time as the other phone on the voice calling test. As for the second test, the phone’s performance wasn’t as bad as the other test, nonetheless it still came in last place.

During the unveiling of the iPhone 7 last month, Apple claimed that the iPhone 7 has an additional two hours of battery life compared to the iPhone 6s. While this is an improvement, the company has a long ways to go. For many people, especially iPhone users, the results of the iPhone 7 only confirms what they already knew, and is no surprise to them.

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