The battle between Apple and Qualcomm has heated up to the point that Qualcomm has complained to the US agency that Apple has carried out using illegal cellular technology made by Qualcomm.

The legal quarrel between Apple and Qualcomm came to light back in early 2017 when Apple filed a lawsuit against Qualcomm accusing the chip maker of abusing its marketing powers in which Apple claims Qualcomm was demanding unfair royalties. Qualcomm has stated that Apple was illegally using its cellular technology in iPhones which are powered by modems made by Intel.

Qualcomm, in turn, filed its own countersuit lawsuit against Apple. In fact, Qualcomm has filed two separate legal actions, one of the lawsuits states that Apple has infringed upon its patent. Now Qualcomm has requested that the U.S. trade agency ban imports of the iPhone using Qualcomm chip which are iPhone models running on Verizon and Sprint networks from entering the United States. Qualcomm stated it is pleased with the International Trade Commission decision to investigate Apple since the U.S. agency normally processes cases fast.

Source: cnet, itbnews

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