The good news and (mostly) bad news on the iPhone X notch [Poll]

The notch on the iPhone X has been the subject of a great deal of debate even before the keynote. I intended to round-up a bunch of views on it, positive and negative, but actually struggled to find any positive ones.

They should’ve made the bezels thick enough around the display to accommodate ‘the notch’. Symmetry is so so important in design. How Apple missed this is a mystery to me.

Its the first time they didn’t think about symmetry. That notch can’t be unseen.

Such a shame to ruin what could have been an edge to edge spacious and beautiful display. One look at the gorgeous display of the LG V30 is proof positive of what’s possible when you employ skilled designers. Apple blew it.

The notch in the screen looks terrible, very un-apple like. It’s hard to believe they released something that looks like this instead of making the screen straight across under the sensors.

I can’t get past the “devil horns” on the model X. How could they make such an obvious design mistake?

When it comes to how the notch will work in practice, there is good news and bad …


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