The Future Apple Watch Could Have An EKG Monitor Added

A new report states that Apple is working on a new feature for the Apple Watch that could detect abnormal heart rhythms.

According to the most recent report regarding the future Apple Watch, Apple is working on adding a new safety feature that could monitor any irregular heartbeat or other potential cardiovascular illness. The Apple Watch would have some form of advance heart-monitoring technology that would use a type of electric signals to detect heart abnormalities or other cardiovascular problems which would be known as electrocardiograms or EKGs. It seems the test may be performed by using multiple electrodes placed directly on the skin. Since this is still in the testing stage, this may be a project Apple could launch in the near future, or Apple just might delay this project for later use, since it’s still a work in progress.

The company has labeled the Apple Watch more of a health-monitoring device than a luxury watch, because of all the rigorous testing and necessary requirements in order to add health monitoring features on the Apple Watch. Apple is very adamant about using the smartwatch as an aid in assisting doctors as a medical tool in detecting medical issues in the early stages.

In partnership with Stanford University, Apple has started a new study that tracks users’ heart rhythms for irregularity while wearing the Apple Watch. At the present, this data collection is being used with the current Apple Watch heart rate monitor, but Apple would like to use a more advanced technology with the future Apple Watch to track and test with the EKG software if possible.

Source: The Verge, CNET

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